Gaiero TP Ltd.

About us

Confidence, Control & Performance Experience & Quality

Gaiero TP is a company of experience the objective of which is the quality, the performance, the speed and the presence.
We insure earth-moving, of viabilisation, networks, civil engineering, demolition, environment and special works.
André Gaiero (Manager of the Works) has 45 years of business experience, he is assisted by 20 employees (heavy plant drivers, drivers, affected person of pipe, masons, land surveyors) and by an engineering consulting firm.
Gaiero TP also surrounds itself with a consequent engineering firm (IBSE), including about fifty engineers specialized in the civil engineering, the construction of bridges.
The company has an important material park very diversified for every chap of constraints.
Our experience allows us can offer you quality performances and personalized advice adapted to every case.

Managing Director

The managing Director assume full responsibility for every activity of the company as such he oversees all operations of the company, provides funds and ensures the display of technologically backed workmanship leading to the delivery of client satisfaction in terms of product functionally serviceability and durability. His effort is however collaborated with the contribution of the first-line managers, Project Manager, Contract Manager and Financial Manager.
GAIERO André was Born in November the 9th – 1947.

Positions Held

  • Works director
  • General manager
  • 46 Years of service in the public works

– Management of the studies excavation
– Budgets of construction sites
– Master’s degree of price
– Follow-up of construction site:
– Project meetings
– Schedules
– Coordination
– Management of staff
– Supervision of the others
– Supervision of the Measured for reports, situation of works
– Reception of construction site

– Control of Security
– Respect for the rules of hygiene of security of construction site
– Control organized by road marking
– Control Armor plating of trenches

– Control of Security
– Respect for the rules of hygiene of security of
   construction  site
– Control organized by road marking
– Control Armor plating of trenches

-From 1961 to 1978 Heavy plant driver, team leader, works foreman Local Companies.

-On 1976 Leader of career in Granégone DRAGUIGNAN.

-From 1978 to 1987 Firm Jean SPADA NICE, VALERIAN COURTHEZON, motorway Construction sites (A61).


-From 1988 to this day Business manager and Technical director of works. Self-taught Engineer

Specialization :
-Works motorway
-Civil engineering
-Demolition and construction High rise
-Construction hypermarket, flat forms industrialist

Autodidact Engineer

As part of the company’s commitment to deliver an exceptional Client’s Service tailored to our contracts, Gaierotp Nigeria Limited recently completed a review of the organization and its operation.